Calyx Wellness CBD

calyx cbd oil peterborough

Calyx Wellness is a reputable CBD oil company that has expanded to Canada in recent years. What I love about Calyx Wellness is their quality and representing their brand in terms of wellness which is hard when the cannabis stigma is still live and well for many people. Customers are now using CBD for everything from mild to severe pain, to anxiety and stress reduction, to sports performance and injury recovery. We carry the full line of Calyx Wellness products for all needs. If you want to learn even more about CBD you can read this article here.

All Calyx Wellness CBD products are available through our Peterborough retail store.

If you’d like to order online and have the products shipped to you, click the link below for more information.

Genuine Health

genuine health peterborough

Genuine Health is a Canadian company and one of two supplement companies in the world that I consider their formulations to be well-researched enough to recommend to my nutrition clients. Being able to sell the Genuine Health brand thrills me because they are the epitome of leading by example in the messy world of dietary supplements. Genuine Health focuses around three things and leads in all three:

  • greens powders

  • Fermented nutrition and gut health

  • Natural pain relief that’s safe and effective. 

You can now see the whole catalog of Genuine Health products and shop through our online store!


doterra flow spa

doTERRA is a world-leading essential oil company. We mostly know essential oils for smelling good without having to use chemical scent boosters that have shown to be harmful and toxic. But the great thing about certain essential oils is that they are classified as Natural Health Products (NHP) in Canada because there is significant research to support certain therapeutic effects. The reason that doTERRA is renowned in this field is that they take care to use the gentlest processing techniques possible to prevent oxidizing or damaging sensitive oils, they source all of their oils globally from the natural habitats of the plants, and they are the only essential oil company in the world approved as pharmaceutical grade, meaning that those NHP oils can be safely ingested for their therapeutic effects. 

You can save 25% off when you shop for doTERRA online and sign up as a member.


muse headband

Muse is a leader in consumer neurofeedback devices. The Muse headband is a guided meditation device that reads your EEG live and provides feedback in the form of nature sounds to guide you towards a more relaxed mind state during meditation. When your mind is distracted, rain and windstorms get louder and when you’ve found your calm state, the weather settles down and bird chirps reward the meditative state you are in. It’s easier demonstrated than explained which is why we offer our Muse headband for free use in our lounge at Flow Spa. It can be used to compare the before and after effects of float therapy on the stillness of your mind or done at any other time to practice meditation. As a Muse ambassador, we can also offer you a 15% discount when purchasing any products, including the guided meditation headbands from Muse to start your own daily practice with. 

If shopping online you’ll automatically save 15% at checkout with our ambassador link.