Peterborough • Ontario

Float Therapy • Cryo • IR Sauna • Normatec


What Is Floating?


Float Therapy

Flow Spa is your home away from home. We have created a completely relaxing and rejuvenating centre to help you unwind and rest with a flow spa float. When you step inside the doors we want you to immediately be transported to another world where all of your stress and tension doesn't exist. 


Our Float therapy tanks allow you to experience complete sensory deprivation and float away all your worries and distractions.


Sports Performance

Athletes push their bodies to the absolute limit. recovery is critical to athletic performance and progress. our facility is enhanced with cutting-edge tools and methods for athletic recovery to keep you in the game and bouncing back from injuries and fatigue sooner.


Wellness Shop

we carry a curated selection of products specifically tailored towards alleviating needs and concerns common to our customers.