Use This Morning Routine For Stress-Free Living

All I have is good days.

As I spring out of bed ready to tackle the day and all of the challenges in front of me, I think back to when it wasn’t like this - when the mortal coils of the daily grind seemed to close a little bit tighter around me day after day.

With the right morning practices in place you can inoculate yourself against a lot of the mundanity of daily life and start to find more joy in living mindfully and paying attention to the little things that matter.

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Peterborough Float Centre Progress Update

The slow, autumnal creep of the progress to opening Flow Spa over that last few months has transformed into a turbo-charged rocket blast forward. In terms of visible progress, this last month has been nothing less than spectacular. After getting city building permit approval at the very beginning of the month, it was all hands on deck to make progress before the Christmas and New Years breaks impeded the momentum.

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