Finding Your Path

Students face extreme pressures from every direction. Their peers, parents, teachers, and the standardization of tests themselves all combine to make a mental soup of confusion for adolescents who are seeking some understanding of the internal and external worlds around them. 

Several of our guests, as well as our co-host Telsi, have talked about how they veered from the path they were ‘supposed to take’ into their true calling

Below are some of the best clips that we’ve had recently in terms of advice that we’d like to share with our young audience looking to find their purpose or some direction on their journey.

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How Teachers Can Benefit From Float Therapy

Back to school time in the fall is a challenging transition for students and teachers alike. Momentum shifts and that sense of the grind through to Christmas as the weather gets colder imposes upon our psyche.

The stress of the new school year is also compounded by the new germs being passed around which often leads to an uptick in colds shortly after the summer break.

Having a strategy to incorporate mental and physical wellness into your weekly and monthly routine is essential for maintaining good health year-round but becomes critical at these transitional times. 

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Use This Morning Routine For Stress-Free Living

All I have is good days.

As I spring out of bed ready to tackle the day and all of the challenges in front of me, I think back to when it wasn’t like this - when the mortal coils of the daily grind seemed to close a little bit tighter around me day after day.

With the right morning practices in place you can inoculate yourself against a lot of the mundanity of daily life and start to find more joy in living mindfully and paying attention to the little things that matter.

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