Finding Your Path

We’ve already had a lot of great discussions on the FlowCast and one question that is central to our mission of helping to find your flow is how to navigate the challenges of being a student and finding your purpose. Students face extreme pressures from every direction. Their peers, parents, teachers, and the standardization of tests themselves all combine to make a mental soup of confusion for adolescents who are seeking some understanding of the internal and external worlds around them. 

Several of our guests, as well as our co-host Telsi, have talked about how they veered from the path they were ‘supposed to take’ into their true calling

Below are some of the best clips that we’ve had recently in terms of advice that we’d like to share with our young audience looking to find their purpose or some direction on their journey.

Trust Your Gut

Laura was on what seems to be a very common path for students with picking the toughest university in Canada and one of the most competitive environments for students in life sciences. I went through the same route myself and can attest to the pressure and difficulty of undergrad life sciences at UofT. 

Laura found the right opportunity at the right time though as she discovered a jobs fair booth for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and that was the moment everything changed for her. 

Nothing Is Permanent

Telsi followed a very similar route through university as Laura and realized that her course selection wasn’t true to herself and her calling. She discovered the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and shifted gears from more traditional life sciences into homeopathic medicine. Recognizing that psychology and mental health played an important role in the lives of the clients that she regularly met with, Telsi did eventually return to university to round out her skill set as a personal trainer with a psychology degree.

Fight for What You’re Passionate About

Many of the most successful athletes and business people go all-in on their passion. While they may still acknowledge the risk involved, these people put everything on the line to achieve a level of mastery that we all can glean inspiration from. 

Mike Doherty felt so passionate about Muay Thai that he left his job so that he could focus all-in on the training he needed to do to become even better. He opened a gym and started coaching other athletes to become champions themselves and furthered his skill. 

Water Finds its Way 

If you’re feeling lost or without a purpose, know that it takes more time and more experiences. You don’t know what you truly love to do until you have lived and experienced many different things. Slow down and have patience. You’ll find your way.

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